Restoration Counseling

We offer professional, confidential, and compassionate Christian counseling to address most of life's hardest realities.

We have no stones to throw; our goal is to walk alongside you, extending the gentle, lowly, and meek ministry of Jesus towards sinners and sufferers.

He says, "Come to me and I will give you rest."

Our desire is to help you find your rest in Jesus.

To get started, please click the button below to fill out an intake form. The intake form will gather basic information about you and information specific to your counseling needs. Once you fill out the confidential form, a Restoration Counseling representative will be in contact with you in approximately 48 hours.

Everyone needs help at some point.

Restoration Counseling Center (RCC) provides biblical counseling to speak into the hardest realities of your daily life. We pray God’s Spirit will apply his Word like a healing balm to your hurting heart.

The Bible is not an encyclopedia, nor is it a rule book. It is a book that communicates God’s unconditional love. It speaks in a timely way to all of our daily struggles.

Biblical Counseling can powerfully address issues of suffering and other conditions of the human heart. The counselor is used by God to listen, empathize, be patient, and to have honest, loving conversations. Every person is created uniquely. We will walk with you through your struggles as we get to know you. At RCC we seek to make applications that are thoughtful and personalized. This is the relationship where God does his restorative work.

People come to Restoration Counseling Center with many different struggles. Some of the issues that we regularly counsel include:



Anger & Conflict


Eating disorders

body image

Fear and Anxiety

Guilt and Shame


Marriage and family

Obsessive and compulsive behaviors

Psychiatric problems

Struggling with loss


  Joshua grew up in the Louisville, KY area. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Boyce College, and his Master’s degree in Biblical & Pastoral studies from Bethlehem Seminary. Joshua has experience counseling individuals and couples as they go through the hardest realities of their lives. He does not judge or condemn anyone; rather, he shows compassion, empathy, grace and love to all. He has seen God do amazing things in people’s lives. He worked as an associate pastor for over a year and has been involved in an academic ministry too. Joshua is a widower and has two children. He enjoys literature, listening, arts, music, writing, soccer, speciality coffee, the outdoors, and his friends and family. He would be honored to hear from you.